how it all began...

     Baasch and Sons was originally started up, in (date), by a fellow named Eddie Baasch and his father, (name).  In (date), Eldon and Doris Kluthe bought Baasch from them and kept the name because of the genuwine reputation.  

     Originally, Eddie and his father mostly sold only cattle equipment but Eldon and Doris expanded it further.  Adding on a product line for grain equipment, a product line for Porta Pits and patenting their one of a kind Mohawk Grain Scalpers, they turned Baasch and Sons into a well-known and very profitable company.

     Eldon and Doris have since retired and turned the reigns over to their daughters; Lois Christensen and Lori Neighbors. Dean Neighbors, son-in-law and married to Lori, and Lois currently operate the day to day businesses ran through Baasch.  Lois does all of the book work and makes sure the finances are in order and Dean can handle any custom order or sales questions you may have!

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