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Standard Panel

Standard Cattle Panels come in handy to position into any shape when linked together.  They make moving and working cattle much easier and safer.  Standard Panels are 10' feet long and weigh 125lbs.

Bull Panel

Panel With Gate

Bull Panels are similar to the standard panels, except they are much more heavy duty made with 1 1/4" pipe.  When you've got bulls that are huge or aggressive, these bull panels will make your job easier and much safer to work with them. Bull panels are 10' long and weigh 250lbs each.

Panels that are made with gates will make it easier for you to work cattle all day long.  When you have to move the livestock in and out all day, these panels are more than just an easy unload and set up.  They can be moved around to allow the cattle to be put into different areas of the pen.  Whether moving your cattle from fields, sale barns or 4-H events, these panels will make the process much easier.  The overall length is 10' and has a 4' swinging gate.


Framed Gates

Our standard Framed Gates come in a variety of sizes.  Framed gates are a great entry-way system when containing cattle or larger livestock.  All gates are quick to assemble and unload, as well as, disassemble and load for a smooth day working your livestock. Prices will vary depending on the size desired.  Sizes include:

  • 30 inch

  • 4 1/2 foot

  • 7 1/2 foot

  • 10 foot

Chain Lock Gates

Our standard Chain Lock Gates vary in sizes.  These are great for locking entry-way gates in place for a more permanent set up, though still easy to assemble and disassemble.  Prices will vary depending on size desired.  Sizes include:

  • 8 foot

  • 10 foot

  • 12 foot

  • 14 foot

  • 16 foot

  • 18 foot

Single Ring

Single Ring gates are designed to make alley-ways. Custom sizes available to order. 

Hay Products

10' Hay Feeder Panel

The 10' Hay Feeder Panel will help contain your hay when feeding it to the cattle.  These panels are extremely versitile and can be installed permanetley or dismanteled and moved just about anywhere easily.

Hay feeder panels come in 10' sections‚Äč.

Round Bale Feeders

These Round Bale Feeders allow for cattle to graze from every angle.  With a quick assembly, each can be set up for a year round use or on the move. Round Bale Feeders can come standard, made with tin or can be assembled so its easily portable.

Bale Carriers

Bale Carriers are custom made racks that attach to your tractor and allow assistance in moving or stacking hay bales quickly and easily.  These carriers come in two sizes:

  • 3 point - 2 Bale Carrier

  • 3 point - 1 Bale Carrier

Hay Stinger

Hay Stingers are specifically designed to attach to a tractor and easily poke through the center of a hay bale so it may be lifted up and moved or stacked.  The stinger is designed to move or stack bales with minimal to no damage to the shape or tightness of the bale.


Panel Trailers

Panel Trailers are specifically designed to haul cattle panels around safely and load panels quickly and efficiently.  With this trailer, there will be no more need to load all those panels into a cattle pod for transporting. They'll hang securely from the trailer without much effort.


  • Single axel trailer can haul 30 panels

Double Axel Panel Trailer

The Double Axel Panel Trailers are slightly bigger and more heavy duty than the standard panel trailers.  These are meant to hold twice as many panels for bigger pens.  Featuring the double axel underneath, they'll support much more weight, but still have the convenience of quick, easy and secure transporting.


  • Double axel trailers can haul 40 panels

Pipe Trailer

Pipe Trailers are specifically designed to haul any size of pipes.  Mostly used for hauling irrigation pipes, these trailers make laying out and picking up pipes a breeze.  They are definitely a necessity to lessen the work load.


  • 30' long and 10' wide

Other Equipment

Feed Bunks

Our standard Feed Bunks are designed to allow your livestock to feed freely and are easy for you to fill.  The special shape of these bunks make it easy to drive a feed wagon across and unload without any over-spill.  They'll hold exactly the amount of feed you need and allow your livestock full access to their nutrition.


  • Made of 10 gauge steel

  • 20' long

  • weighs 750lbs each

Loading Chutes

Our Loading Chutes are designed to quickly and safely hook up to a cattle pod or transport vehicle and allow your cattle or livestock to exit quickly without over stressing them.  Its design is to attach to the hitch of a truck for easy pulling. The front legs retract into a storage space while in tow and are easily released when set up.

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